Coconut & Papaya Infused Shea Butter
Coconut & PapayaInfused with VanillaAnti-Aging, Tightening & NurturingShea Butter infused by..
Mango Butter Infused Shea Butter
Mango Butter Infused with Almond Oil Moisturizing, Revitalize & Tightening. African shea butter ..
Milk & Honey Infused Shea Butter
Milk & Honey Infused with Coconut Milk Anti-Blemish, Dryness & SoothingMilk & Honey Ble..
Moringa & Black Seed Infused Shea Butter
Moringa & Black SeedInfused with HoneyMoisturizing, Exfoliating & Rejuvenating Shea Butter i..
MULTI BUTTERFor Acne & EczemaInfused with Tea-Tree Acne Fighting, Rebalancing & Anti-Blemish..
Oatmeal & Vitamin-E Infused Shea Butter
Oatmeal & Vitamin-E Infused with Aloe ButterAnti-Aging, Anti-Blemish & HydratingShea Butter ..
Organic Shea Butter  Infused with Black Seed
Organic Shea Butter Infused with Black SeedHealing, Protecting & MoisturizingAfrican shea butter..
Lemongrass Infused Shea Butter
Lemongrass Infused with Peppermint OIl Anti-Inflammatory, Soothing & Healing Delightful infused ..
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