Oatmeal & Vitamin-E Whipped Shea Butter
Oatmeal & Vitamin-E Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAnti-Aging, Soothing & Hydrati..
Acne & Eczema Whipped Shea Butter
Acne & Eczema Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAcne Fighting, Rebalancing & Anti-Bl..
Baby Mild Whipped Shea Butter
BABY MILD(Unscented / Fragrance Free)Whipped Shea ButterMoisturizing, Soothing & Rejuvenating100..
Coconut & Papaya Whipped Shea Butter
Coconut & Papaya Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAnti-Aging, Tightening & Nurturin..
Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter
LEMONGRASS Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAnti-Inflammatory, Soothing & HealingDetail..
Mango Butter Whipped Shea Butter
Mango Butter Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalMoisturizing, Revitalize &TighteningMothe..
Milk & Honey Whipped Shea Butter
Milk & Honey Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAnti-Blemish, Dryness & SmoothingDeta..
Moringa & Black Seed Whipped Shea Butter
Moringa & Black Seed Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalMoisturizing, Exfoliating & R..
Organic Whipped Shea Butter
OrganicWhipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalHealing, Protecting & MoisturizingDetails:- App..
Pink Sugar Whipped Shea Butter
PINK SUGAR Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalAnti- Blemish, Revitalizing & TighteningWe ..
Relaxation Whipped Shea Butter
RELAXATION Whipped Shea ButterWith Lavender & CamomileAnti-Inflammatory, Relaxing & Calming1..
Skin Lightening Whipped Shea Butter
Skin LighteningWhipped Shea Butter100% Pure & NaturalBrightening, Tightening & RevitalizingD..
Sweet Pea & Wildflower Whipped Shea Butter
SWEET PEA & WILDFLOWER Whipped Shea Butter100% Pure & Natural Moisturizing, Anti-Aging &..
Whipped Cocoa Butter
Whipped Cocoa ButterPure & NaturalScars, Stretch Marks, Dry & Damaged SkinDetails:- Cocoa bu..
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