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 TURMERIC & NEEM SOAP With Patchouli & Myrrh oilHydrating, Nourishing and Anti-inflamma..
African Black soap  With Turmeric & Neem oil
African Black soapWith Turmeric & Neem oilEnriched with cocoa butter & Shea ButterHydrating,..
Neem Essential Oil
Neem Oil 100% Pure Essential Oil ..
Turmeric & Neem Bar Soap 8 OZ.
Turmeric & Neem Bar Soapwith Neem & Turmeric Root ExtractHydrating, Moisturizing & Nouri..
Turmeric & Neem Bath, Body & Massage oil
Turmeric & Neem Bath, Body & Massage oilInfused with Oregano oilHydrating, Nourishing, and..
Turmeric & Neem Body Lotion
Turmeric & Neem Body LotionInfused with Oregano oilHydrating, Nourishing, and Anti-inflammatory..
Turmeric & Neem Body Scrub
Turmeric & Neem Body ScrubInfused With Oregano OilHydrating, Nourishing and Anti-inflammatoryBen..
Turmeric & Neem Body Wash
Turmeric & Neem Body WashWith Oregano Oil Hydrating, Nourishing & Anti-InflammatoryBenefi..
Turmeric & Neem Conditioner
Turmeric & Neem ConditionerWith Shea Butter, Argan Oil & Tea Tree OilHydrating, Anti-Itch ..
Turmeric & Neem Hair Pomade
Turmeric & Neem Hair Pomadewith Oregano oil  Pure & NaturalHydrating, Nourishing, and..
TURMERIC & NEEM Infused Shea Butter
TURMERIC & NEEM Infused With Oregano OilHydrating, Nourishing and Anti-inflammatoryPURE &am..
Turmeric & Neem Liquid shea butter
 Liquid SHEA BUTTER Infused with Turmeric & Neem oilHydrating, Nourishing, and Anti..
Turmeric & Neem Moisturizing Hair & Scalp Oil
Turmeric & Neem Moisturizing Hair & Scalp OilWith Jojoba & Almond oilFor Dry Scalp &am..
Turmeric & Neem Shampoo
Turmeric & Neem ShampooWith Oregano OilHydrating, Nourishing & Anti-Itch ScalpOur turmeric..
Turmeric & Neem Shower Gel
Turmeric & Neem Shower GelWith Oregano Oil Hydrating, Anti-Itch & Anti-InflammatoryBenefi..
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